Handcrafted, artisan… what do these words mean to you?

Dancing Pines Distillery puts meaning into these words for the world of spirits. We create top shelf spirits in a manner consistent with the way we enjoy life. Natural, local, high quality ingredients are used to create delightful beverages by hand. As a craft distillery, artisanal small batch distilled spirits is our passion and we produce rums, whiskeys and liqueurs. All of our spirits are distilled and matured in-house by our master brewer, distiller and blender.  Enjoy!

Visit our tasting room in downtown Estes Park Colorado.

Our Story

If you are alone in the Colorado wilderness, the trees take on a life of their own. It doesn’t matter if it is Summer or Winter, they may be weighed down and fat with snow, or fragrant with pine sap.  The breeze starts up the valley and you can hear it travel your way. As it rustles through the pine needles… the trees begin to dance. Once you’ve experienced this phenomenon the wilderness will be forever tangled in your heart.

We translate our passion for the wilderness in our spirits, from the snowmelt water we use in our spirits to the rich grains that grow in the high plains at the base of the Rockies. We use only the finest ingredients to create spirits worth the extra weight in your pack.

We believe, as stewards of the earth, we each have the responsibility
to cherish and preserve it for others.

At Dancing Pines we do this by actively supporting charitable organizations as well as paying each of our employees to each spend 40 hours per year enhancing local Wilderness, Forest & Park areas.

Please enjoy the wilderness and our spirits responsibly.
Take only pictures, leave only footprints and get home safely.

Our Process

PROCESSWe create small batch spirits from the finest ingredients. Each bottle is handcrafted from spirit that flows out of the artisan copper pot still down to the batch number handwritten on the label. Every step is tediously performed by an artisan with passion for the craft.  We only use whole ingredients to create and flavor our spirits and liqueurs, never extracts.  Each of our unique rums and whiskeys is mashed and fermented under the watchful eye of our master brewer. When fermentation is complete our master distiller takes over to transform the spirit into a beautiful expression of the traditional.  Finally, maturation requires the patience and skill that only our master blender can give it. You will agree that our beverages command the top shelf but we’d rather you take them down and share among friends.


Finely Distilled.

Explore our line-up of small batch,
hand-crafted spirits.


We proudly craft our products with grains sourced from local organic farmers, water from Colorado Rocky Mountain snow melt and whole ingredients sweetened with cane sugar

NO Extracts - NO Artificial Flavorings - NO GMOs


Made with Locally Grown Organic Non-GMO grains
Straight Bourbon - Aged 2 Years in New American Oak Barrels

the fifty best - GOLD
winner at good food awards & denver international spirits



1 oz DP Bourbon    1 oz DP Black Walnut    Slice of Orange    2 Cherries
Muddle in a rocks glass.   Add ice.


Made with whole ingredients: loose leaf tea & spices
Sweetened with Cane sugar, no corn syrup
Versatile: drink neat or in cocktails  

96 points - wine enthusiast - top 50 spirits
double gold at san francisco world spirits competition


TRY A… Campfire Mule
2 oz Dancing Pines Chai
over ice with Ginger Beer in a Dancing Pines Campfire Cup


New West Style Gin
Cold Maseration - Delicate & Real Botanicals
No Extracts  

double gold at denver international spirits competition
american distilling institution - best in class


TRY A… Never Summer
1 oz DP Gin    1 oz DP Chai    1.5 oz half n’ half
Shake with ice. Strain. Serve in a martini glass.


Made from Dancing Pines Bourbon & Real Black Walnuts
Sweetened with Cane Sugar

90 points - wine enthusiast



1 oz DP Bourbon    1 oz DP Black Walnut    Slice of Orange    2 Cherries
Muddle in a rocks glass.   Add ice.


Made with locally grown Organic Non-GMO grains
100% Rye Grain
Aged in Dancing Pines used Bourbon barrels

90 points - wine enthusiast


TRY A… 14er
2 oz DP Awry    1 oz DP Chai
Stir with ice. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a cherry


Rum with Real Cinnamon, Vanilla & Nutmeg
Aged in used Dancing Pines Bourbon barrels

american distilling institution - best in class


TRY A… Black Bear
1/2 oz DP Vodka    1/2 oz DP Spice    1 oz DP Black Walnut
Server over ice in a rocks glass.


Made from Chardonnay - Tripled Distilled
Excellent in Cocktails



TRY A… Twin Sisters
1 oz DP Chai    1 oz DP Vodka    4 oz Cranberry Juice
Serve in a Collins glass over ice.  Garnish with an orange twist.



Estes Park Tasting Room

207 Park Lane, Estes Park

Monday - Sunday 1pm - 8pm

Breckenridge Tasting Room

201 N Main, Breckenridge

Monday - Sunday 11am - 8pm

We serve samples, cocktails and offer a small cheese plate in Estes Park, we offer samples in Breckenridge.  You may also purchase a bottle or two of our fine spirits during your visit to take with you.  Families with well supervised children are welcome.

No reservation is required to visit our tasting room in Estes Park or Breckenridge.

Berthoud Distillery - Not open to tours at this time.
As soon as tours are available we will update this page to allow for reservations.


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Berthoud Distillery
(970) 532-1300

Not open to tours at this time.

Estes Park Tasting Room (970) 586-2227
207 Park Lane, Estes Park, CO 80517

Breckenridge Tasting Room (970) 423-6766
201 Main Street, Breckenridge, CO 80424