April Newsletter

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How to serve a better cocktail. What’s in the proof. Tropical Blizzard cocktail. Latest news from the distillery.

Colorado Cocktail Project
The Colorado Cocktail Project has moved into the voting phase. What does this mean for us?  The Colorado Distillers Guild has teamed up with the Colorado Bartenders Guild to have bartenders from across the state compete with local
spirits for the perfect “Colorado Cocktail”!  Elijah at Henry’s entered and we want him to win.  10 contestants will be invited to the contest finale based on your votes, so stop by Henry’s pub in Loveland and have Elijah mix you up a
Chai Manhattan. If you think it is worthy of being the Colorado Cocktail vote for it at westword.com.
1st Saturdays Live Music
We had a nice crowd on the first Saturday in April for the Pete Stein Concert. If you missed it be sure to join us the 1st Saturday in May for Band of Randoms.  May 21st we will be hosting local musician Wendy Woo! Great music and
great cocktails pair nicely. So we will keep it up the 1st Saturday of each month through September and possibly other days too.
Summer Events
We are adding a few summer drinks to our cocktail line up including Mint Julep’s for the month of May and Caparainha’s. Look for Dancing Pines at local events coming this Summer, including Loveland’s SummerFest at the Foot Lagoon, Chapungu Concerts at Centerra and more.
Product Releases
We had some delays in releasing new products. The good news is the Bourbon has label approval and we will begin bottling soon. The Brulee and Cherry Tart have label approval as well and we will begin production shortly. We will keep all of you posted through this newsletter and facebook as soon as they are available for purchase.  Diamond Distributors has placed us in a few more Colorado locations, check out www.dancingpinesdistillery.com/where-to-buy for a full list.
Cranberry Spice
This refreshing cocktail is easy to make and a delight to drink.

   In an 8 oz. glass :
    *2 oz. Dancing Pines Chai Liqueur
     * Ice
     * Cranberry Juice
     * Dash of Orange bitters
     * Garnish with orange peel
Mixology Tip
What are bitters? Bitters are to cocktails what salt is to cooking. They enhance the flavors of each ingredient and bring them together. Bitters are usually heavily concentrated spirits of botanicals. Try adding a dash or two to your next cocktail.
Spirits 101
Apertif’s are the perfect start to any large meal or feast. An apertif has several purposes. As the name suggests it is primarily meant to enhance your appetite. But as anyone who has ever hosted a dinner party can attest it is also a wonderful way to greet you guests and create a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere. Just what is the science behind an apertif though? Many apertif contain bitters. Recent research in mice confirms that bitter flavors actually increase the hunger hormone ghrelin. Other studies have shown an increase in appetite after and apertif. Whatever the science behind it, a light refreshing cocktail is a great way to start any dinner party or backyard BBQ this summer.