February Newsletter

New Caramel Liqueur, Mini Barrels, Win Tickets to Martini and a Movie. What is the Angels Share?

New Products   1 Liter barrels of Dancing Pines Bourbon or Rum are now available. These american oak barrels make a great addition to any home bar. You can pour directly from the barrel tap. The barrels come filled with your choice of spirit for $85. Please call us ahead of time so that we can have your barrel ready. If a 1 liter barrel isn’t big enough you can now sign up for used 15 gallon barrels waiting list on our website.

  Brûlée Caramel Liqueur will be available for purchase in March. We have received Federal formulation approval and are awaiting labels. As with all of our products Brulee is made with real ingredients no flavorings or extracts. If you haven’t gotten to taste this treat yet stop by the tasting room and have a sip.

Expansion & Events

   The tasting room and tour have both been expanded. You can sign up for tours on our website. The tasting room is available for private group use Monday – Thursday. A 15 drink Minimum applies, please email info@dpdistillery for more information.

  We have partered with The Wildlife Experience to bring you Movie & a   Martini. Featured films include Some Like It Hot & Ferris Buellers Day Off, among others. Each film is paired with Dancing Pines cocktails and appetizers. Follow us on facebook for an opportunity to win tickets.

Dark & Stormy

This spicy cocktail is the latest hit in the tasting room.
     *2 oz. Dancing Pines Spice Rum
     *4 oz. Rocky Mtn. Soda Co. Ginger Beer

Mixology Tip

  How long should you shake that martini? Generally until condensation forms on the outside of the shaker. This is a good indication that the cocktail has been adequately chilled. Concoctions that you would like to froth up a bit you may want to shake more vigorously.

Spirits 101

  “Angels’ Share” is the term used to describe the portion of the spirit that is lost to evaporation during the aging process. In our dry Colorado climate we tend to use a bit more to the “Angels’Share” but this also results in a more refined spirit. Some of the sharper alcohol compounds and water evaporate through the barrel wall and the remaining spirit is influenced by the oaks character giving it well balanced flavor. In our semi-aridclimate we see more water evaporation. So a spirit placed in a barrel at 100 proof may finish maturation at 106 proof. The opposite is also true in more humid climates and the proof may lower during maturation.