January Newsletter

How to serve a better cocktail. What’s in the proof. Tropical Blizzard cocktail. Latest news from the distillery.        

Were Expanding….

   We’ve listened and the tasting room is now open expanded hours. We’ll be doing tours and spirits tastings on Wednesdays & Thursdays 12-7pm. On Fridays and Saturdays you can join us for a cocktail also from 12- 8pm.

   We are over flowing the space we have been in for the last year. So we are excited to be doubling our square footage as we expand into the space next door. This will mean expanded production as well as a more spacious tasting room.

   Thanks to all of you, demand for our spirits is increasing so we are pleased to announce that we’ve signed an agreement with Diamond Distribution. Soon our spirits will be available statewide.

Island Blizzard
   Beat the winter blues with this tropical cocktail.
   1 oz. Dancing Pines Chai Liqueur
   1 oz. Dancing Pines White Rum
   2 oz. Coconut Milk
   1/2 fresh orange juiced
   Blend with ice.
   Garnish with fresh pineapple.

Mixology Tip
   Always match the temperature of the glass to the drink. You don’t have to plan ahead. The next time you’re shaking up a martini, add a few ice cubes and  splash of water to the glass to chill it while you mix up the cocktail.
   Then discard just before pouring. This will keep your drink at the ideal temperature longer even while it’s in your hot little hand.

Spirits 101
   Have you ever wondered where “proof” came from? It originated with a method of verifying wether a product was truly alcohol. The method was to try to ignite gunpowder soaked in the liquid. This was possible only at 50% or higher alcohol. Thus 50% alcohol is 100 proof.  Listing the “proof” on the label remains a federal requirement today.

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