March Newsletter

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Win Tickets to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Live Music in the tasting room. Cherry Tart Liqueur. Grog & Scurvy.

Upcoming Events & Giveaways

Pete Stein will be playing live at the distillery on Saturday, April 2nd. For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, Pete plays an eclectic mix of alternative country and soulful bluegrass. Starting with April we’ll be having live concerts the first Saturday of every month through the summer.

Time is almost up to enter the Pirates Giveaway…  stop by the tasting room (before April 1st) and enter to win:

     * 2 tickets to “The Real Pirates” Exhibit

     * Your choice of a bottle of Rum

     * Dinner at 8 Rivers Caribbean Restaurant

After the Pirates give away stay tuned for tickets to the next “Movie & a Martini” event. In other events we’re excited to be a part of this year’s Taste of Loveland at Embassy Suites! This delicious event is on Thursday April 8th. Tickets are $35 and available at Thompson Valley Liquors or online at The March “Stir” social mixer is being held at the distillery. This is great opportunity for Loveland’s 40 and under professionals to network while enjoying some delicious appetizers and Dancing Pines signature cocktails. Tickets are available through the Loveland Chamber of Commerce.

Upcoming Releases

The wait continues for the Bourbon Release & Brulee Caramel Liqueur, but    samples are available for you in the tasting room. While you’re there don’t forget to try our newest creation: Cherry Tart Liqueur. This isn’t available for purchase yet but one taste will have your mouth watering with anticipation for its release.

Chai Latte Martini

This is an absolute delight for all of you Chai lovers.

     * 2 oz. Dancing Pines Chai Liqueur

     * 4 oz. Milk of Half n half

     * Shake over ice

Serve in a martini glass, garnish with a light sprinkle of cinnamon.

Mixology Tip

Soda, Seltzer, Tonic, What’s the difference?

Soda & Seltzer both carbonated water. Soda has higher sodium content. Some say it has a milder flavor.

Tonic is carbonated water with added quinine and sugar. Quinine was added to ward off malaria and the effects of malaria. Sugar was added to sweeten and make the tonic more palatable.

Spirits 101

 Grog & Scurvy
Just what was pirate’s grog? During the 17th century both pirates and sailors were given a daily ration of both water and beer, wine or Rum. The water often was stale. Wine or spirits was mixed with the water to make it more palatable. Eventually sugar and lime or lemon was also added to the mixture. The vitamin C from the citrus prevented scurvy, a dreadful condition that resulted in the loss of teeth and hair eventually proved fatal. This pirate grog was most likely the precursor to many modern Caribbean cocktails like the Mojito & Caiprihana.